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Latest Information on Crustal Movement

Latest information on crustal movement detected by GNSS-based Control Point

 In this page, you can see and download 3 kinds of information on crustal movement.
 Displacement vector---Display movement of the position of GNSS control points for the past 1 year (or 1 month) in vector format.
 Coordinates change graph---Display the change of coordinates of GNSS-based control points in time series graph.
 Baseline length variation graph---Display the change of baseline length between two GNSS-based control points that you select in time series graph.
If you click the GUIDEbutton in this program after you change "subject" menu, each corresponding "How to use" window will be displayed.
 Selection menu of deformation information  fig. Selection menu of Deformation Information.("subject")
Observation data might indicate anomalous large value irrelevant to crustal deformation due to bad conditions such as poor reception of GNSS signal. Be sure to check amount of deformation of several GNSS points around the anomalous point before you use these data. Data might not be displayed if an error is too big or no observation data available.

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